Seahawks Live Hawk Mascot Lands on Head of Fan During Thursday Night Football

Taima. Be nice.
Taima. Be nice. /

The Seattle Seahawks mascot landed on a fan's head during the Thursday Night Football broadcast. With the Seahawks leading the Los Angeles Rams in the first half, Joe Buck went to commercial while the FOX broadcast showed Taima, the Seahawks live hawk mascot, land on some random dude's head.

That looks absolutely terrifying. Those talons are meant for tearing, not scalp massage. This doesn't look like it's planned, but the fact that this guy didn't freak out as a bird of prey landed on his head is impressive to the point where you wonder if it was.

Here is a slowed down version of the landing where you can really see the fans around this guy react. There is an incredible mix of unawareness and awe.

Just an insane scene. Let's never do it again.