Seahawks Cut Rookie Who Tried to Sneak a Woman Into the Team Hotel Dressed as a Player

Stephen Douglas
Seattle Seahawks mascot dressed as a player.
Seattle Seahawks mascot dressed as a player. / Mat Hayward/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks waived rookie cornerback Kemah Siverand on Tuesday. On Thursday, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported that Siverand was cut because he was caught trying to sneak a female visitor into the team hotel by dressing her in team gear and trying to pass her off as another player.

When questioned about who was with him, he should have just said it was the 12th Man.

On a more serious note, this should serve as a serious lesson to other players. Do not put your teammates in danger or their will be consequences. Of course, what happens if this wasn't an undrafted rookie. What if it was a Pro Bowl starter at the same position?

It seems like this is also a bad sign for anyone expecting to enforce some kind of bubble on a college campus. One would think a player who was trying to earn a spot on a roster and get paid to be a professional football player has more to lose than some college kid who is living in a dorm, but who knows? Maybe even younger people will take this more seriously.