Scottie Pippen Explains Why Clippers SHOULD Treat Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Specially

Ryan Glasspiegel
Scottie Pippen on Kawhi and Paul George
Scottie Pippen on Kawhi and Paul George /

There's been a lot of conversation online and on television this week about The Athletic's story that some players in the Clippers' locker room are getting frustrated with the special treatment that the organization is giving Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. On The Jump Friday, Jorge Sedano, David Fizdale, and Scottie Pippen had a good conversation about why that makes sense for the team:

Pippen explained that he and Horace Grant used to be bothered by the preferential treatment that the Bulls gave Michael Jordan, but that he ultimately came to understand it (and, what went unsaid, is he presumably was less bothered by it when he began to receive preferential treatment as a superstar himself).

Pippen also explained that superstars have a lot of burdens that other players don't necessarily realize, like extra media obligations. Sedano, meanwhile, spoke about how Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are both dealing with legitimate injuries, and specifically about the treatment that Leonard gets before and after games he's covered for ESPN.

Ultimately, the Clippers with their load management may indeed be setting up the most optimal health they're able to for the playoffs, but they also may be setting themselves up with a very challenging path through the Western Conference. We'll see how it all shakes out.