Scott Foster's Egregious Scottie Barnes Ejection Reminds Everyone Who the Fans Really Came to See

Stephen Douglas
Not Scott Foster. Why take the picture?
Not Scott Foster. Why take the picture? / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Scott Foster officiated Monday's Toronto Raptors - Denver Nuggets game. Scott Foster threw out Scottie Barnes late in the fourth quarter because he did not like the way he was questioning one of Scott Foster's calls.

After the game, Scott Foster explained his very good decision.

"He was ejected on one technical foul because he used verbiage that which directly questioned the integrity of the crew."

One does not question the integrity of Scott Foster's crew. Neither director or indirectly. The other officials in Scott Foster's crew, whose names I had to look up because they didn't make themselves the center of attention during this game (or previous games) seemed surprised when Scott Foster made the call in real time. Here is Robert Hussey, who was right there when this all happened.

Nick Buchert, the other official appeared to tell Barnes something alone the lines of I don't know, but you've gotta go.

No one cares what the result of the game was because everyone came to see Scott Foster work and they were treated to a show.