Scott Van Pelt Talks About What's Gone Right in One Year of Midnight SportsCenter

Ryan Glasspiegel

Scott Van Pelt joins the podcast today. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the last time we talked, but we’re coming up on the anniversary of the debut of his Midnight SportsCenter on September 7th. We discussed:

  • They’ve done onsite shows at SVP’s alma mater Maryland, and at Steelers training camp. What are the challenges of doing shows remote, are there plans for more of them, and what’s on the bucket list?
  • We recently did college football and NFL media drafts. Who would his first overall picks be inside and outside of ESPN?

We also discussed the untimely death of John Saunders, and how he served as a major mentor and touched the lives of everybody he crossed at ESPN.

At the 28:55-mark, I asked about this tweet:

The discussion from there will be very interesting for sports media nerds, I think.