Scott Van Pelt Signs On From Washington D.C.

Kyle Koster

Scott Van Pelt delivered sports news, highlights, and hijinks from his new studio in Washington D.C. late last night. The first SVP-led SportsCenter since July 3rd felt a lot like the ones he hosted from Bristol dating back to 2015 but with the requisite local flourishes and imaging.

Here's how he signed on — with a welcome from nearby sporting teams, a visit with Nationals hurler Max Scherzer, and a backlog of Bad Beats. If anything was proven, it was that you can go home again, but that doesn't mean chasing hockey overs is a sound financial decision.

Perhaps what stood out the most was the relative coziness of Van Pelt's news digs. Where at times his playpen at ESPN HQ seemed futuristic and vast — as if Mugatu was going to jog across the room at any moment — the D.C. setup was far more intimate. Which makes sense when you think about it as intimacy is part of the goal here.

If anyone at the network has earned the latitude to do things his way from his backyard, it's SVP. It'll be fun to see how he tips his cap to his surroundings as the show hits its new stride.