Scott Van Pelt Shocked Jamal Murray By Informing Him the Nuggets Play on Thursday

Kyle Koster

Game 7 of the Jazz-Nuggets series inexplicably looked a lot like Game 7 of a mid-2000s rock fight between the Spurs and Pistons. Denver prevailed at the buzzer as Mike Conley's triple try fell harmlessly to the ground. An exhausted Jamal Murray joined Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter shortly after punching a ticket to the next round for a real and honest interview in which you could see the superstar guard's brain and body trying to process all that had happened and what will happen next.

The whole thing is worth watching, as is the case with everything Murray has done on and off the court in recent days. Perhaps the best moment, though, was when Van Pelt shocked Murray by informing him that the Nuggets-Clippers series begins on Thursday night.

Extremely relatable. Maybe not the playing world-class basketball part but being informed you have an obligation on Thursday night. I react the same way when I noticed parent-teacher conferences penciled in on the ol' family fridge calendar.

In the normal world, we'd probably be spending a lot of time trying to figure out how fatigue and attrition will factor into the Nuggets' battle against the Clippers. But in the travel-free Bubble World, it may be less of an issue. More concerning for Denver fans is the pesky little fact the Clippers are just a better all-around basketball team, which could prove to be an eventual bummer.