Scott Van Pelt's Puppy Has Shocking Reaction to Old Picture of Ryen Russillo

Kyle Koster

The Ringer gave Kevin Clark his own podcast feed and he has immediately rewarded the company by producing content that can only be classified as right in the wheelhouse of some people who would never want their browser history to become public. During his most recent episode, which included an interview with Scott Van Pelt, the almighty Zoom camera captured some of life's rich tapestry as the SportsCenter anchor's new puppy responded to seeing an old picture of a very handsome Ryen Russillo by defecating on a nice hardwood floor.

The little guy's name is Redd and there is no mistake that he's a total Alpha. Perhaps he's heard the multiple updates about Bill Simmons' dog Murph treating the entire house like a toilet and wanted to show everyone who's boss.

Van Pelt, the consummate pro, never lost focus and took a 20-second timeout to deal with the issue before continuing on with the podcast.

Now, at this point, you're probably wondering why I bothered to blog this and the honest answer is that I don't know either. I spent four years studying journalism and now this is my life. Really makes the occasional check-ins on my Nelnet account even more depressing.