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Scott Van Pelt Also Left the Cat Filter On

Kyle Koster

It took less than 24 hours for the Cat Filter Lawyer to be Milkshake Ducked but for a brief period there yesterday it was one of the purest, most hilarious things on the Internet. Scott Van Pelt smartly hopped on the roaring laughter during his SportsCenter opening late last night. It was, as he points out, super topical.

Everyone knows Van Pelt isn't a cat. He is a Terp.

This is slightly off-topic but do you think if the roles were reversed and a feline lawyer had used a human-face filter during a court proceeding that it would have been as funny? Or are humans decidedly too serious in the cat world? Or are cats so indifferent to others that none of them would even notice?

Impossible to know. That's a world I simply don't have any visibility into. Now, if you'd like to go toe-to-toe on bird law, that's another story.