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Delight in the Fun and Pageantry of the First-Ever Scottie Awards

Kyle Koster

No matter how crowded the content landscape grows, there is always room for a late-night cable show to give out year-end awards. And there's something comforting about that knowledge in this ever-changing world. Scott Van Pelt presented the first-annual Scotties on SportsCenter in the wee hours of Thursday morning highlighting the good, the bad, and the incredibly weird from around the sporting world.

It was chockfull of delightful clips and oddities you either missed the first time or forgot about. Perhaps it's part and parcel of getting older, but it blew my mind that some of the stuff featured happened in 2020 and not 2017 or 2008.

Here's hoping the world returns to some semblance of normal and The Scottie Awards can become an in-person event somewhere down the road. Though considering how many eccentric people found their way through the nomination process, it may be tempting fate to assemble them all together in a green room.