Wrong Scott Stallings Invited to Play in the Masters

Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

One of the highlights from the 56 hours of football consumed over the weekend was catching a commercial for the Masters. Because it's always nice to have a reminder that, eventually, the weather will improve and golf will become an option again. Still months off, preparations are being made for the venerable tournament, including sending out superclassy invitations to the players.

One went out to Scott Stallings. Sorry, one went out to a Scott Stallings, who is very much not the correct Scott Stallings. The actual Scott Stallings, who finished out last season strong and has three career PGA victories to his name, was notified of the mistake through direct message.

It's wonderful that this situation will be cleared up. But man, if I get an invitation to play in the Masters, I'm going to show up with my clubs and force them to make a scene. Of course, the kindhearted Stallings will probably be richly rewarded from his name twin for doing the right thing and not lining an errant tee shot into the patrons, causing an international incident.