Scott Hanson Took an Unhinged Dave Portnoy Rant in Stride

Ryan Phillips
Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson / Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Scott Hanson was in the middle of his NFL RedZone marathon broadcast on Sunday when he got hit with a bit of a distraction. He handled it as well as you possibly could.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy was ranting about Hanson's broadcast on Twitter for its lack of attention to a game he had gambled on. Well, Hanson rolled with it and fired back.

Here's the first exchange:

And here's the second:

I mean, Dave realizes the RedZone isn't just his personal gambling channel, right? Hanson doesn't have direct control over what gets shown and he probably doesn't have gambling lines sitting right in front of him. So blaming him because a play you were interested in isn't shown is moronic.

Maybe Dave should just bite the bullet and buy Sunday Ticket for all his gambling needs. That might help his relationship with the NFL.