Scott Frost Assures Nebraska Fans His Offensive Linemen Are Puking 15 to 20 Times Per Practice

Kyle Koster
Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have fallen on and stayed on hard times lately, yet there remains lingering hope that favorite son Scott Frost can turn things around. Leadership in Lincoln still believes in his vision and trusts in his methods. Which apparently include measuring success by how many times the big uglies throw up at practice.

On his monthly radio show, Frost revealed just how much the practice field resembles a vomitorium and who is responsible for that.

Offensive line coach Donovan Raiola is coaching his position group intensely, Frost said. To the point that he estimates there are 15-20 vomits every practice from those linemen.

“It’s not because they’re not in shape – he’s just working them hard,” Frost said. “I think they love it. He’s kind of freed them up to go be aggressive and I love the way they’re coming off the ball.”

This is not a thinkpiece about football and workloads or anything so there will be no clutching of pearls here. It's just interesting to see a coach dispense with the polished and careful messaging in order to assure fans that players are being pushed to the point where the line of scrimmage looks like a Jackson Pollock painting with all the assorted blown chunks. Then speculate that the players must love it if they keep doing it.

There's a razor-thin margin between being a lovable Football Guy and a problematic Football Guy. Let's see where Frost falls after PukeGate 2022. Maybe he leans into it and brings someone into practice to tell Raiola those are rookie numbers he needs to get up.