Scott Frost Gets It: Paying Athletes for Marketing Will Help Schools With Big Fan Bases

Ryan Glasspiegel
Scott Frost
Scott Frost / G Fiume/Getty Images

Much of the time a college football or basketball coach, university administrator, or conference boss speaks about NIL laws and compensating athletes for their likenesses, they get smarmy and act like it couldn't happen and would cause the world of competitive balance to end. Nebraska football coach Scott Frost knows that these measures are inevitable and thinks the Cornhuskers could benefit from it on the recruiting trail:

Nebraska, like many big SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12 programs, has scant competition for these sponsorship dollars from from professional sports teams. A lot of Lincoln businesses large and small would not just be willing but would want to play a financial part of convincing the best players to come there. You'd see this in Madison, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Iowa City, State College, Knoxville, Tuscaloosa, Athens, Austin, Norman, Baton Rouge, Oxford, Lexington, Gainesville, and the list goes on.

The smart coaches and programs are the ones who are not fighting this inevitability, but gameplanning how to capitalize on it when it comes.