SB Nation Site Swish Appeal Rips Vox Media For Running Trump Ads

Ryan Phillips
SB Nation
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SB Nation's Swish Appeal is not happy with parent company Vox Media. The site covers the WNBA and its writers and editors are objecting to Vox plastering ads for Donald Trump's reelection over its pages.

The site's editor-in-chief, Tamryn Spruill penned an open letter denouncing the pro-Trump ads on the site, while listing a number of grievances with his presidency. Highlighted text from the article is below:

"By choosing to run political ads, specifically those by the most divisive president in U.S. history, you have thrown all of the Swish Appeal contributors into moral conflict. We refuse to be silent about this, and we demand in the strongest terms that you immediately cease running political ads, especially those for Donald J. Trump."

The article further claims any political ads on Swish Appeal would be objectionable, but due to Trump's politics, promoting his reelection is an insult to the writers and readers of the site.

We're seeing this more and more. Members of the media are stepping up to voice their beliefs even if they conflict with those of their parent companies.

As advertising revenue has dried up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more political ads have found homes on sports websites. Don't expect writers and editors to stop speaking out against it.