Satellite View of the Storm That Hit Chicago Is Absolutely Insane


Severe weather ripped through the Chicago area on Monday night, triggering a tornado warning for several million. Though no funnel cloud actually touched down, the system was strong enough to deliver power outages, down trees, and flooding in its wake. Satellite imagery reveals just how combustible the situation was as it exploded approaching the city. It wasn't really on my radar before, but after shuffling three small children into a basement utility room, tornadic supercell is rapidly rising on my list of two words you don't want to hear together.

Not fancy enough for you? Well, let's add some lightning to make things pop. If that's not good enough, how about a splash of color illustrating the fallout zone?

Mesmerizing stuff. Have I been underestimating how cool meteorology is my entire life? It looks remarkably close to a Michael Bay movie and not some cheap green screen filler. Guess there is a bright side to rapid climate change.