Three Saquon Barkley Free Agent Destinations

Liam McKeone
Saquon Barkley
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Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are a slightly below-average team with oodles of cap space in a wide-open division. This is the perfect recipe for unwise decision-making in free agency, and that means they make this list. Do the Falcons need Barkley? No. They have Cordarrelle Patterson on a very cheap expiring deal in 2023 and the Tyler Allgeier/Caleb Huntley combination showed some talent when Patterson was hurt last year. But they are not heliocentric offensive talents the way Barkley was for New York this year.

Arthur Smith made his reputation in Tennessee, where the offense revolved around Derrick Henry. It would not be a surprise at all to see Atlanta overpay for Barkley in an attempt to create a playoff team immediately that asks little of the quarterback and relies entirely upon the run game. They've got the money to make it happen so they cannot be discounted.