Three Saquon Barkley Free Agent Destinations

Liam McKeone
Saquon Barkley
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Cincinnati Bengals

This sounds like a longshot but is more realistic than you think. The Bengals have $36 million in cap space this offseason and can cut Joe Mixon to save another $7 million, which is definitely on the table after an arrest warrant was issued for Mixon on the charge of aggravated menacing earlier this month. The warrant was dismissed but it is not Mixon's first legal issue and the Bengals may decide to move on entirely.

Cincy obviously needs to continue to beef up their line but adding Barkley to the mix would give a big boost to their below-average run game and grant another weapon to battle Patrick Mahomes with. This feels like a natural fit if the Bengals cut Mixon and are comfortable investing another sizable contract into the RB position.