Could There Be Any More Lines on 'Pentagon' Basketball Court?

Kyle Koster

Wisconsin and Saint Mary's tipped off the college basketball season with a neutral site game on Tuesday night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The intersectional matchup was housed at Sanford Pentagon, home of the G League's Skyforce.

And folks, it is my distinct privilege to inform you that lines and arcs of shapes, sizes, and colors were well-represented. Look at this situation:

Bless this beautiful, complicated mess. The court looked like the work of an artist trying to drive home some message about the dizzying and ever-changing confines of life.

College basketball moved its three-point line back this year, causing gyms everywhere to put down some new paint or tape. Some where able to facilitate the change more seamlessly than others.

Sanford Pentagon, sadly, does not get high marks. This monstrosity is every bit as bad as anything one would encounter in a middle school multipurpose room where the square dancing lines, volleyball court, and freaking shuffleboard triangle all fight for the same elbow room.

Badgers fans can only hope the selection committee takes the unfortunate playing surface into account when assessing its two-point overtime loss.