San Francisco Giants to Max: Happy Divorce! Back in the Game!

Kyle Koster
Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

There's good reason to doubt the effectiveness and value of scoreboard messaging in the year 2021 because whenever anyone has a free moment, they tend to bury their noses in a phone. It pains me to admit that we are simply not sharing the communal joy that can come with knowing Kathy is celebrating her 47th birthday out in right field or the Thompson family has invaded the mezzanine level for its annual reunion. This is one part the lament of a blogger grappling with his own mortality and one part a helpful observation for those who may be considering forking over the money needed for a personalized message among the out-of-town scores.

One really needs to bring their A-Game to stand out. Max's friends or family realized this and made sure they got the message across to the newly single San Francisco Giants fan at last night's game.

Honestly, good for Max. As long as this information was not news to him. I suppose there's a chance an aggrieved spouse chose to deliver the devastating news in the most public, clever way possible. But that'd be Watch List stuff. I choose to believe this was an earnest celebration of someone's newfound independence and hope for the future. The Giants should be commended for facilitating such progressive messaging and giving a freshly divorced dude a little jolt of support. Desperately needed.