World Cup Ambassador Samuel Eto'o Appears to Kick a Dude After Brazil Match

Kyle Koster

Samuel Eto'o had a prolific career as a striker and has parlayed that notoriety into one of those coveted Qatar 2022 World Cup ambassador gigs. The job requirements for such a position are a moving target, yet one thing that is probably frowned upon is physically attacking fans or photographers. Eto'o appears to have broken that rule based on footage of a slow-moving confrontation with a camera-toting obstacle who drew his ire.

That is unusual determination. Eto'o broke through several lines of resistance to accomplish his goal of leaving a mark.

A video has since emerged, posted by Algerian YouTuber Said Mamouni, who claims to have been the victim of the attack. Wearing the same clothes as in the first video, Mamouni claims to be in a police station in Doha where he is filing a report.

He shows the camera is broken and tells his viewers that Eto’o had hit him in the chest, chin and jaw.

Mamouni claims he had asked Eto’o if he had bribed Gambian referee Bakary Papa Gassama, who oversaw a controversial match between Algeria and Cameroon in the African Cup of Nations earlier this year. He said this comment angered Eto’o who then attacked him.

World Cup fever. Catch it. Or catch these hands.