Samuel Eto'o Stole Ball From Cardiff City Keeper's Hands, Settting Up Goal for Chelsea

By Mike Cardillo

Samuel Eto’o, Chelsea’s veteran Cameroonian striker, bent the rules in his favor Saturday against Cardiff City when he stole the ball from keeper David Marshall to set up Eden Hazard’s equalizer. Eto’o challenged Marshall while the keeper was bouncing the ball on the ground, which is generally not allowed. In this case it was. Odd.

Heads up play by Eto’o, I guess

Fifa Law 12 reads:

When a goalkeeper has gained possession of the ball with his hands, he cannot be challenged by an opponent.

‘A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball while the ball is between his hands and any surface (e.g. ground) and while in the act of bouncing it on the ground.’

It’s hard to believe the referees wouldn’t know the rules interpretation … or not, Premier League officiating is consistently peppered with baffling decisions.

Eto’o later added his first goal in Blues colors in the second half to put Chelsea up 2-1.