Sam Darnold: What If I Came Down to Where You Work and Heckled You?

Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

Sam Darnold's career hasn't yet been a resounding success. After going 13-25 with the New York Jets, the quarterback got off to a good start with the Carolina Panthers before reverting back to the mean. While he was injured, the franchise brought back the beloved Cam Newton. With the No. 6 pick in the upcoming draft, the position is wide-open and the future is unclear.

Darnold addressed the situation on the Bussin' with the Boys podcast with Taylor Lewan and Will Compton and it wasn't boring. In addition to revealing that he told Jets brass they were making a mistake in cutting him loose, the former USC product admitted the widespread criticism has made an impact.

"The part that pisses me is off is when people judge my game, like how I'm playing," he said. "Then I'm like, 'Go strap it up.' I'm [like], 'You're a fan and I respect you as a fan. You can talk all the s--- you want, I'm not going to do anything at the end of the day, but take it easy.'

"What if I was like, 'The house you just worked on, piece of sh--. You're so bad at tiling. You should really go get another job. Really think about your profession.' Sometimes you want to say stuff like that, but you can't."

An understandable feeling, to be sure, and also the plot of a Seinfeld episode.

If Darnold did this, he'd be a legend. Would be incredibly comfortable yet ultimately worth it in the long run. Imagine being the quarterback who showed up at a work site to razz the tile person. What a legacy.