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Sam Darnold Threw the NFL's Latest Worst Interception Ever

Stephen Douglas
New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers
New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Sam Darnold threw an incredibly bad pass that was intercepted and run all the way back by J.C. Jackson during the Carolina Panthers - New England Patriots game. Darnold was running to his left and tried to throw a short pass to a teammate, but instead floated it over his head into Jackson's waiting hands. A few seconds later the Pats had a 21-6 lead.

Darnold looked pretty good during the first month of the season, but over his last four games before today's game against the Patriots he'd thrown two touchdowns and five interceptions. He's only thrown for 200+ yards once. It doesn't look like he'll hit that milestone today either.

Update: And here's proof that not all interceptions are created equal. Darnold threw another pick on the very next posession and it was not his fault. No linebacker should be able to catch this ball in this spot.