Sam Darnold Celebrates Jets Trade With Party

Sam Darnold celebrates Jets trade
Sam Darnold celebrates Jets trade /

Sam Darnold is now a member of the Carolina Panthers after he was traded by the New York Jets for three draft picks. It is the end of an ignominious era for Darnold in New York. He was a bust of a No. 3 overall pick and struggled from Day 1 after being drafted in 2018.

A fresh start would be best for both parties. The Jets clearly thought so after deciding to move on so soon from a former top-5 pick. Darnold also agrees, seeing as he threw a small party after the trade.

My guy rocking a peak Football Player fit with gym shorts and flip flops. You can take the kid out of California, as they say.

Darnold was doomed from the start in New York after getting paired with Adam Gase beginning in his rookie year. Three years' worth of losing proved Gase was a bad coach. Darnold was a bad quarterback through those same years, but he's still only 23-years-old. The Panthers have a lot of talent to work with. The Sam Darnold redemption story might just be getting started.

He's celebrating a new beginning. As he should.