Sam Darnold is Back and the Jets seem Really Happy About it

Ryan Phillips
Sam Darnold Jets
Sam Darnold Jets / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Sam Darnold is set to return this week as his spleen has apparently returned to a normal size after a bout with mono. The New York Jets seem awful happy that Darnold is back...oh and they're back on TikTok.

It's not surprising the Jets are happy Darnold is back. The team's offense is horrible and ranks dead last in the NFL in total yards per game (179.5) and passing yards per game (113.5). They're also averaging just 9.8 points per game and rank 30th in rushing yards per game (66.0). Clearly they need their franchise quarterback under center.

Darnold and Le'Veon Bell are truly the Jets' only top-tier talents on offense. They truly don't have much to work with, so getting him back should at least help somewhat.