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Sam Acho: Justin Fields and Trey Lance Could be the Next Peyton Manning and Tom Brady

Stephen Douglas
Love bear arms.
Love bear arms. /

Sam Acho appeared on First Take this morning and took the opportunity to drop an incredible hot take. Acho suggested that Justin Fields and Trey Lance could be the next Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. That's incredibly high praise for two guys who have so far failed to surpass Andy Dalton and Jimmy Garoppolo on their teams' respective depth charts.

This is a lot to predict for these two players who have yet to play a single regular season snap. Obviously, this is what the teams that drafted these two and the fans who root for them are hoping for, but it seems very unlikely.

Brady has won seven Super Bowls. Manning has won two. Winning a Super Bowl is quite difficult. Only like 11 guys have done it in the last two decades. To suggest these guys are just going to be two of the greatest quarterbacks ever is begging to be wrong even if they have great careers.

And what about Trevor Lawrence? And how about Patrick Mahomes? Is the guy currently putting together one of the most impressive resumes of all-time destined to be the third-best guy of his entire era? Seems unlikely.

But hey, you need to make bold predictions or you don't get the headlines.