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Marcus Davenport Unwisely Challenges Eagles' Biggest Lineman to Wrestling Match

Liam McKeone
Eagles-Saints /

The Philadelphia Eagles surprised just about everyone with a dominant first-half performance over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. They entered the locker room at halftime up 27-7 on New Orleans, and it was mostly due to the Eagles' continued success on the ground. The Saints are the best run defense in the NFL and even they wilted in the face of Philly's offensive line, giving up 152 yards on the ground in the first two quarters after giving up an average of 75 yards per game to this point.

This was a matter of some frustration for New Orleans, as evidenced by the scuffle/wrestling match that Marcus Davenport got into with Jordan Mailata late in the second quarter.

Nobody was penalized and it was chalked up to just "some action after the whistle." This was not a wise move on Davenport's part, however. He's a big dude, coming in at 6-foot-6, 265 pounds. But Mailata is absolutely massive at 6-foot-8, 345 pounds. He may be the biggest offensive lineman in the NFL this side of Trent Brown.

Judging by Davenport's laughter after the play, he probably recognized he picked the wrong lineman to tussle with.