Sage Steele Wrote a Lengthy, Personal Entry About Diversity

Ryan Glasspiegel

Sage Steele has faced a lot of criticism on social media this week from people who disagreed with her tweet about Mike Evans sitting for the National Anthem in protest of the election. Steele was called many names that accused her of being a race traitor for her stance and for having a white husband, and was the recipient of an ugly over-the-line tirade from Miko Grimes.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Steele detailed her personal background, some of the hardships her parents faced in their interracial relationship, and why derogatory name-callers “lose every ounce of credibility with those whom you deem racist at the drop of a hat”:

DIVERSITY As a self-proclaimed, proud bi-racial woman -- my father is black and my mother is white -- the word "...

Posted by Sage Steele on Thursday, 17 November 2016

The caveat to this is that while Steele’s tweet about Mike Evans had nothing to do with race, and should not be characterized as a “tear down,” it was in overt disagreement with his decision to protest the election. She probably could have worded this disagreement more delicately, but Twitter is a tough format for nuance and that is an issue for everyone. (The Facebook format she used here would have given her more room for the civil and respectful disagreement that she advocates.)

My wife is black; while I personally have not incurred one ounce of backlash from any of my or her friends and family, Steele’s note here definitely resonated with me.