Sacramento's Local NBC Affiliate Thrilled to Pass Along Word of USMNT Winning the 2021 Soccer World Cup

KCRA 3 Sports
KCRA 3 Sports /

The United States Men's National Team won the CONCACAF Gold Cup on Sunday night with a thrilling 1-0 win over Mexico. Miles Robinson scored the game-winning goal late in extra time to give the USMNT the victory. Here's how KCRA 3 in Sacramento broke down the news on Monday evening's broadcast.

Now, to be fair, Del Rodgers, the station's Sports Director, has been doing sports at KCRA since 1997, so he obviously knows his stuff. It just seems that soccer is not his area of expertise. He sprinkles in some common terms that all us non-soccer people have picked up by osmosis, but was unable to properly apply some of them.

Most notably, suggesting the United States won the "2021 soccer World Cup" is maybe the most outlandish thing anyone has ever said on a news program. Coupled with the bridled excitement from the anchors after they learned that America was bringing home the World Cup, you just have to assume no one in Sacramento follows soccer.