Ryan Fitzpatrick Took a Shot at Gardner Minshew And Guys With Mustaches

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Ryan Fitzpatrick has the best beard in sports. As someone who has recently added a beard to my look during the COVID-19 pandemic, I respect the man's commitment. On Tuesday, Fitzpatrick took a shot at Gardner Minshew and anyone who grows mustaches.

Fitzpatrick's Miami Dolphins face Minshew's Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night, and the wily veteran was quick to throw some cold water on Minshew Mania:

While he's right that beards are cooler (at least I hope so), he levels a serious accusation that guys with mustaches only choose to stick with them because they get "patchy sides" when they attempt to go with a full beard. Shots have been fired.

Minshew has responded:

We'll see who wins the battle of the facial hair on Thursday night. Fitzpatrick's Dolphins enter the game 0-2, while the Jaguars are 1-1. Both teams lost in Week 2.