Ryan Daly of Saint Joseph's Made One of the Most Miraculous Buzzer-Beaters You'll Ever See

Kyle Koster

Saint Joseph's and Davison played a fierce Atlantic 10 game (The Big Lead's favorite conference) and things got extremely wacky in the final second of regulation. Trailing by three, Saint Joseph's scrambled for a final shot and got one, in the most unconventional fashion, from Ryan Daly.

It's tough to describe it, but thankfully someone was recording video.

What athleticism. Haven't seen a guy get rid of a ball that quickly since an NBA player was taking an intentional shot clock violation and didn't want it on his stats. Scalding-hot potato.

It was so unusual that the announcers just assumed the Owls had bungled things up, not tie the game.

Davison was somehow able to recover and prevail in overtime, where everyone shot normally.