Ryan Clark Ripped Max Kellerman's Assessment of the Eagles' QB Situation on 'First Take'

Stephen A Smith, Ryan Clark and Max Kellerman on "First Take"
Stephen A Smith, Ryan Clark and Max Kellerman on "First Take" /

On Wednesday's First Take, the panel discussed the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback situation. Max Kellerman claimed the team already had a quarterback controversy and that Jalen Hurts was drafted because the franchise isn't sold on Carson Wentz. Ryan Clark shut him down in absolutely epic fashion.

Check out what Clark's response:

That was a thorough, thoughtful, informed takedown of the highest order.

It's always fascinating when someone who can actually break things down and analyze them expertly winds up on one of these debate shows. Clark owned Kellerman here because of how logical and detailed his response was. And, of course, he's right. The Eagles didn't draft Hurts to replace Wentz. They drafted him to take pressure off of their franchise quarterback.

Wentz is the present and future in Philadelphia. That should not be questioned. But Hurts fell to the Eagles in the second round and they saw a chance to add value to their offense by selecting him. It's that simple.