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Ryan Clark on Anonymous Lamar Jackson Quote: 'Stupid People Say Stupid Things'

Liam McKeone
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark /

Yesterday, the NFL world was abuzz because of an anonymous quote given by a defensive coordinator criticizing Lamar Jackson. Criticism of the former MVP isn't new but this particular quote stood out because the anonymous DC in question said Jackson could win 12 MVPs and he still wouldn't be an elite quarterback. There was even a whole post on this website about it.

ESPN carried the discourse over to Tuesday and Ryan Clark absolutely hammered whoever gave the quote on Get Up.

First off-- Clark's sweater is nice. Good to see a change-up from the suit-and-tie combo so prevalent on these shows. 'Tis absolutely not the season but we can appreciate the fit anyway.

He is right, though. People will say the most inane things when they know their names won't be attached. Hell, there's a decent chance this defensive coordinator doesn't even believe what he said and just gave the quote to see what would happen. If that is the case, hats off to them. They found the sweet spot of outrageous discourse.