Ryan Clark Trolls Chris Broussard's Taylor Lewan Comments

Ryan Clark on NFL Live
Ryan Clark on NFL Live /

The Internet was buzzing today over Chris Broussard's major screw up when he said the Buffalo Bills would have won on Monday Night Football if left tackle Taylor Lewan hadn't gotten injured. There was a problem with that analysis: Lewan plays for the Tennessee Titans, who beat the Bills in that game. Please believe, ESPN's Ryan Clark isn't going to let Broussard forget about it.

On Tuesday's edition of NFL Live, Clark clearly threw a shot at Broussard and it was magical:

That is some first class, A-plus trolling by Clark, who managed to keep a straight face and continue talking through the rest of the panel laughing and attempting to talk over him. I love that he didn't let Broussard's lazy work and lack of research just float by.

Well done, Ryan. Seriously, that was fantastic.