Ryan Braun Prefers Not to Discuss Beating a Drug Suspension by Talking About Beating a Drug Suspension

By Tim Ryan

It’s going to be one hell of a long season for the Brewers outfielder should he continue his approach of vaguely referencing how he beat a drug suspension for testosterone levels that would make Brock Lesnar happily do the lambada. Here’s Braun:

“I don’t know if I’ve definitely lost [the fans]. I don’t sit here and analyze what people think or have to say when the opinions are based on a lack of information. It’s unfortunate and disappointing that people would make judgments or form an opinion without actually knowing what happened. I’m not going into it. It’s not good for baseball, it’s not good for [the Brewers], it’s not good for me. It’s not good for anybody.”

You know what else isn’t good? Continually discussing the story without discussing the story. It’s the equivalent of treading water for no reason. Unless there’s a valuable explanation with actual information that follow words like “lack of information,” the only thing being accomplished here is keeping the story afloat for an incessant merry-go-round of follow-up questions. Watching guys like Derek Jeter and Tim Tebow deftly swat questions away like helpless flies would serve him wonderfully.

Braun’s been having a torrid Spring Training, but you wouldn’t know that because he’s insistent on nebulously discussing a story that he feels shouldn’t be a story.

[via Buster Olney]

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