Ryan Braun Admits to PED Use, Suspended For Rest of 2013 Season

By Jason McIntyre

"Major League Baseball has suspended Brewers leftfielder Ryan Braun for the remainder of the 2013 season and he has accepted the penalty, meaning he was caught red-handed either buying and/or using performance-enhancing drugs. The suspension takes place immediately, so Braun will be suspended for the final 65 games of the season, beginning with the Brewers’ game Monday night at Miller Park against San Diego. The sanction came as a result of MLB’s investigatiion into the infamous Biogenesis clinic, which was exposed as having sold PEDs to players after documents were released to various news agencies earlier this year. The suspension also exposed Braun as a liar because he has stated many times that he never used PEDs and never wavered from that stance."

Ryan Braun denied for the longest time he was a cheater. So basically, he’s a cheater and a liar.

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