VIDEO: Rutgers Offensive Lineman Punches Own QB in Celebration

Liam McKeone

Giving your teammates a good smack on the head in congratulations is a football practice as old as when the sport introduced proper helmets for the first time last century. Truly nothing better on the gridiron than scoring a touchdown and celebrating with a series of head slaps to all your teammates.

It is, however, easy to get carried away in such an act. Rutgers QB Art Sitkowski found that out the hard way after he tossed a TD pass and his own offensive lineman gave him a hard right cross to the face as his way of saying congratulations.

That was Sitkowski's first TD of the game as he's filling in for the injured McLane Carter. No better way to enjoy the moment than in a haze after your teammate hits you with a punch that Mike Tyson would be proud of.

It seems only natural Sitkowski returns the favor after a later score.