Leaked Footage of Russell Wilson Practicing Shows Him Still Wearing Seattle Seahawks Helmet

Kyle Koster
Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The rest of Russell Wilson's book is still unwritten as the prophet Natasha Bedingfeld predicted. It's tough to read his mind as Mr. Unlimited is so often undefined. Staring at the blank page, he opened up the dirty window and let the sun illuminate the words he couldn't find, borrowing from Denzel Washington in Training Day.

Wilson recently went out to practice football and was captured by some pesky paparazzi. Since the footage already existed, the quarterback opted to put it online so people could hear it from him before they heard it from someone else. After adding a nice DMX tribute, of course.

Here it is:

So what do we make of this? Are wolves actually catching other wolves? If so, what is wrong with this species? Where is their loyalty?

My main takeaway, if forced to have one (and I am) is that Wilson is still wearing his Seahawks helmet. Even when he doesn't need it. He must love Seattle and want to retire there. No other explanation. Almost as though he's trying to tell us something.