Russell Wilson Was Reportedly Asked By the Seahawks to Tone Down His Endorsements

Ryan Glasspiegel
Mort - Wilson-Harvin
Mort - Wilson-Harvin / Mike Sham

Russell Wilson remains a topic of hot conversation over a week after the Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the Jets. By now, you’ve presumably seen Mike Freeman’s article about alleged racial dynamics at-play in Seattle’s locker room. Today on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Chris Mortensen reported a few details from a different perspective (which were likely provided by different sources) on Wilson’s purported discord with teammates:

  • One aspect of Freeman’s story was that some Seattle players were dismayed at Wilson’s cozy relationship with management. Mort says that the quarterback actually knew a month ahead of time that team brass planned to trade Harvin. The ESPN insider echoed his report from last week that Wilson fought against the move, but was ultimately told resistance was futile.
  • Mort says that the biggest issue behind any “envy directed towards Wilson” in Seattle’s locker room was because of his endorsement deals (and, implicitly, not racial tension). He points out that Wilson, because of the NFL CBA effects on his rookie contract, makes about half what his backup Tarvaris Jackson does. Wilson was reportedly “asked by the organization if he could limit some of that exposure,” but his (many) commercials were apparently all filmed in the offseason.

To rampantly speculate, it seems like Mort’s sources are in Wilson’s camp, and Freeman’s not so much. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an either/or situation. Nevertheless, Wilson’s potential issues with some  teammates are not automatically permanent. With Harvin gone and reports that the organization is planning to jettison Marshawn Lynch, it feels like the team is limiting Wilson’s detractors. To what extent Seattle’s slump and apparent unity issues persist remains to be seen.