Russell Wilson Celebrated Super Bowl Loss With Two and a Half Hour Haircut

Russell Wilson had a disappointing end to his football season. The good news is, the end of football season means the start of Commercial Shooting Season. This is DangeRussell Wilson’s real time to shine. So he had to get a haircut and a proper shave. One that lasted north of two hours based on time stamps. (We’re going to need an official ruling from The Sports Hernia on a cut & shave that takes 2-hours and 36-minutes.)

See, you can win football games (sometimes) with shaggy hair and a scruffy beard, but you can’t sell smartphones with that look. Of course, this also ruins the premise that he visits barbershops. The good news about Wilson’s haircut is that it explains throwing the ball from the one at the end of the Super Bowl – he knew he could throw out a pick. [Instagram]