Russell Wilson Can Still Wrest NFL MVP From Lamar Jackson

Ryan Glasspiegel
Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson
Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson is the odds-on favorite to win the NFL MVP, and he should be. However, this isn't a situation like the Heisman Trophy where Joe Burrow has it all wrapped up even before the games are done being played. Jackson has a lead over Russell Wilson that is akin to a baseball team being up 4-2 after seven innings. The likelihood is Jackson holds on for the win, but it ain't over.

The Ravens have games remaining against the Bills, Jets, Browns, and Steelers. The Seahawks have games left versus the Rams, Panthers, Cardinals, and 49ers. Let's say the Ravens drop a game or two, and finish behind the Patriots in the AFC. And then, let's say the Seahawks go 4-0, including a win over the 49ers in Week 17 to clinch not just the division but the no. 1 seed in the NFC. With that lingering in voters' minds, it could swing the race.

These were the gambling odds on the race before Monday's Seahawks win over the Vikings, which presumably bumped Wilson up a smidge:

Deshaun Watson is also still plausibly in the race, while Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes are longshots, but could swoop in if they're remarkable and Jackson, Wilson, and Watson all somehow falter. Not likely, but it's also not like you'd want to be your whole life against it.