Russell Westbrook is a Broken Man

Liam McKeone
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook / Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Regardless of whether one loves or hates Russell Westbrook, his competitiveness is undeniable. Basketball is a game, yes, but for most of Westbrook's career he has played each second on the court like his life depends on it. No one player is more associated with the word "fierce" than Westbrook and his thunderous, screaming transition dunks and consistent attempts to push his team over the finish line through sheer force of will.

Westbrook's competitiveness is a fire that cannot be doused. It is natural to wonder, however, as Westbrook and the Washington Wizards struggle through a losing season, when the former MVP would reach the end of his rope. He is not accustomed to losing like this. His early years in Oklahoma City weren't super successful but it didn't take long before the Thunder were a postseason team. Westbrook has made the playoffs every season since 2009. The Wizards are only three games out of the 10th seed in the East, which would get them into the play-in games, but this is not a sleeper team ready to make a Cinderella run. They are bad.

Nothing made that more clear than when Robin Lopez and Deni Adjiva missed wide-open bunnies gifted via a Westbrook dish on consecutive possessions last night against the Warriors. The latter of those blown opportunities is what pushed Westbrook over the edge.

The Wizards ended up squeaking by Golden State and won, so the fact that Westbrook lagged behind so badly on the second play above that the Warriors got an easy bucket didn't matter.

But still. Westbrook is the absolute last player you would expect to get so frustrated with his teammates that he stops playing in the middle of a game. The Wizards have officially broken Westbrook.