Russell Westbrook and Tobias Harris Threw Passes to the Referee, but People Only Roasted Russ

Stephen Douglas
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook / Will Newton/Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards tipped off the Eastern Conference's 1-8 series on Sunday. Things got a little weird in the first quarter as both teams turned the ball over on passes to the referee. First Russell Westbrook threw the ball to an official. Then a few minutes later Tobias Harris did the same thing. Only one of them inspired a reaction online.

Westbrook's errant pass led to a ton of tweets and laughter, but Harris went unscatched.

This is Russell Westbrook's life. He throws the ball to an official on the court wearing the same color jersey as his teammates and he gets roasted. Tobias Harris does the same thing moments later to a referee who is wearing the same color as the opposing team and no one even notices. The only people who said anything were Wizards fans wondering why no one was posting video of Harris' turnover.

Unfortunately, that's how it works. Westbrook is a polarizing superstar so everything he does is under a microscope while no one is surprised, or even amused when Harris does the same.