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Russell Westbrook Narrative Overcorrection is Hilarious to Watch in Real Time

Stephen Douglas
Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers
Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Russell Westbrook scored 19 points on Sunday as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Los Angeles Lakers, 114-100, and LA dropped to 2-7 on the season. It's the kind of start that has people wondering if the Lakers might actually trade Anthony Davis. Meanwhile, Westbrook has parlayed two straight decent games into a narrative course correction that is hilarious to behold. Here's the Bleacher Report Twitter after Westbrook hit one of his three 3-pointers on Sunday.

Yes. Russell Westbrook has been DIFFERENT since he moved to the bench. Two straight games Lakers fans have chanted M-V-P for Westbrook. Both times during losses.

And because of his solid play off the bench for a week, his odds for Sixth Man of the Year have skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, the Lakers are just 2-3 with Westbrook coming off the bench. Extrapolated over a full season, that's still just a 40 percent winning clip which is currently better than their 22 percent, but still leaves them short of the playoff picture. This is how dark things have gotten for the Lakers' faithful. They're chanting MVP for a guy coming off the bench during losses as a way of apologizing for being mean when he was one of the many players killing the team during an 0-5 start.