Russell Westbrook Got Ejected, Then Had Words With Klay Thompson and the Rest of the Warriors

Ryan Phillips
Russell Westbrook and Klay Thompson engage in some trash talk
Russell Westbrook and Klay Thompson engage in some trash talk /

Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets lit up the Golden State Warriors Thursday night, notching a 135-105 win. But the victory wasn't enough for Westbrook, who racked up two technical fouls, got ejected with six minutes left, then talked trash to the entire Warriors bench on the way out.

It all started when Westbrook took a shot at Damion Lee's chest while battling for a rebound. When Lee said something, Russ turned around and said, "what are you going to do?" Then Westbrook walked past the Warriors' bench and aimed some trash talk at Klay Thompson, who was in street clothes. But it wasn't just Thompson, Westbrook was jawing with everyone on the bench, including an incident with Kevon Looney.

Check this out:

Yeah that's pretty crazy. Westbrook and Thompson have done battle in the postseason for years, and we all know the Rockets have no love lost for Golden State either.

Very few people on that floor seem to like each other. It's a shame the Warriors won't be in the playoffs this season because it'd be fun to revisit that rivalry at some point.