Russell Westbrook Looks Resplendent in Big, Yellow Jacket


The Washington Wizards haven't been great through the first 25 games of the Russell Westbrook era but despite this, they entered Wednesday night's action only 3.5 games out of the East's final playoff spot. If there were ever a time to make a move, it'd be now. As if sensing this, the perennial All-Star and triple-double enthusiast showed up to the arena looking absolutely locked-in and fearless.

That Dick Tracy-ish fellow is none other than Westbrook, ready and willing to let a kid ride shotgun as he negotiates organized crime and romance with Madonna. All while putting up a 34-12-11 stat line.

The more you look at the garment, the more fascinating it becomes. One could sneak, like, three of the Little Rascals into a movie theater in that thing. Mugatu's sweater would have plenty of room to breathe.

It goes without saying that he looks incredible. Imagine how poorly you, dear reader, would appear in the same coat. Downright horrifying,

Tough to imagine how cool it must be to be cool enough to pull off such a bold sartorial choice.