Guy Who Told Russell Westbrook the Rim Wasn't Crooked One of the Best Guys In Recent Memory

Kyle Koster

Russell Westbrook had a big game last night against the Los Angeles Clippers, pouring in 40 points as the Rockets snatched up a crucial road victory. And despite his belief, he accomplished this feat on two regulation rims that were properly installed and fair.

The start of the second half was delayed when Westbrook insisted the hoop Houston was warming up on was crooked. A rim expert emerged from the bowels of Staples Center to climb a ladder, use a level, and document his findings with an iPhone. He wasted no time capturing the imagination of a nation desperate for heroes.

This guy wasn't having it. He was every contractor who has had their work questioned by a persnickety client after the fact. A true inspiration for the common man against the elites. It's not out of line to say a raise is in order.

A lesser person would get rattled by the moment but not him. A tip of the cap to our anonymous employee on a job well-done. Would like to see more of you in the future.