Running Back, Arrested for Shoplifting Bottle of Cologne [UPDATE: And Underwear]

By Jason McIntyre

Joseph Randle, the backup running back for the 5-1 Dallas Cowboys, was arrested Monday for attempted shoplifting at Dillard’s Department store, CBS in Dallas reports.

According to 105.3 in Dallas, “Frisco Police say the 22-year-old was arrested for Class B Theft $50-$500 at Dillard’s.” Clarence Hill of the Star Telegram reports that Randle shoplifted a “bottle of cologne.”

[UPDATE:ESPN Dallas reports Randle, who is making $542,000 this year, was also caught stealing underwear.]

[UPDATE IITMZ reports it was a “tester” bottle of “Gucci Guilty Black” and a 2-pack of black polo underwear.]

It’s a criminally stupid decision by Randle, who has been valuable so far for the Cowboys, averaging 7.1 yards per carry in limited action. More importantly, the Cowboys are running star DeMarco Murray into the ground with 159 carries so far. Murray leads the league with 785 yards rushing, and could be the most valuable offensive player in the NFL right now.

But he’s on pace to top 400 carries for the season, which in recent years has proven far too many for ball carriers to handle. They usually breakdown the following year.