Rudy Giuliani, Marching in NYC Celebrate Israel Parade, Stops to Call Someone a 'Jackass'


Rudy Giuliani marched in New York City's Celebrate Isarael parade on Sunday. At one point on the parade route the former New York City mayor got into it with someone in the crowd who apparently had an issue with the crime rates during his administration. Giuliani's get back coach had to step in a few times before he finally compared the detractor to Joe Biden and returned to the parade to wave his flag.

"I reduced crime you jackass. You are a brainwashed asshole. And you're probably, you're probably - I am a class act. And you're probably as demented as Biden."

Just an utterly bizzare moment for an event like this, but that's par for the course for Giuliani, who is now two decades removed from his stint as Mayor of New York City.